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Water Treatment to Provide Clean Water

The water treatment process at Lansing, Michigan-based Clean Rivers helps keep Mid-Michigan's water uncontaminated. However, we are being forced to move and need to raise money to stay in business. If you want to contribute to helping the environment, we are the right organization to support.

Clean Water

Using septic haulers and wastewater haulers, we separate the water and chemically treat it at a wastewater treatment facility. It only costs seven cents per gallon to keep the water safe, and we're the only group in the area capable of doing it the right way.

Our Process

We have a hydraulic capacity of 25,000 gallons per day. While the dewatering system container is being filled, the transfer equipment and tankage process the septage with a solid content of up to 1.5%. When the container is almost full, it is taken off the line and allowed to dewater for 18 to 24 hours. Our storage tank has a capacity of about 17,000 gallons, but we're looking into adding an additional 8,000-gallon storage tank in the immediate future and another 25,000 down the line. Our organic-capacity process produces liquid waste that is in compliance with discharge limitations from the City of Lansing Wastewater Treatment Plant. All solid waste is disposed of in a licensed landfill.

Hand and Water


Without our services, horrible wastewater would make its way back out into the rivers in our environment. We've all seen the unfortunate situation in Flint—don't let it happen here. Cleaning out all of our water tanks is an expensive task. Help us keep your water clean by giving to our cause. We need to raise between $35,000 and $50,000 to make our move. Contribute by contacting us today.